Video Editing Software News

Everything from new products to some great step by step advice on improving your videos in today’s update!

And in the end we finally go back to video tapes! No, don’t worry, video tape is not making a comeback!

However it would be true to say that any old video tapes you have lying around still that you want to keep will be suffering from degradation by now so you probably should start getting on to converting them asap.

Magix have a great product for doing it and have resources on their website to help make a long, slow and painful process… well, less long, slow and painful.

CyberLink to Unveil a Revolutionary and Complete Family of Video and Photo Creative Software

Comprising a comprehensive collection of innovative post-production tools for videos and photos, the new family of CyberLink software is a complete solution designed to appeal to the emerging wave of multimedia enthusiasts wanting to bring originality, creativity and professional-level quality to their video and photo content.

Read the full release here

Custom YouTube Thumbs Finally Roll Out, Mood-Based Video Recommendations, & More

Finally the long awaited custom thumbnails for YouTube partners are being rolled out.

Every week YouTube is expanding the ability to customize the thumbnails to those people who have normal monetized YouTube accounts.

If you do not have the ability yet keep a look out as you will have it soon.

Source here

Four Tips to Improve Your Script

It’s important to note that writing a script isn’t a single act, it’s a process. It takes time, energy, and the ability to take constructive criticism in the interest of improving your story. While different writers thrive under different circumstances, here are four tips that have helped me along the way.

Read the complete article here

First glimpses of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013

Almost a whole year has passed, which means it’s time for the new MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013.

The latest version will be available in stores at the end of the month and now boasts a wide range of new features that make it even easier to design and edit your own videos. Today we’re going to show the very first screenshots and go through a few of the new feature

See the full features here

5 tips for making better kids videos and using video editing software

To a parent the brightest stars in Hollywood don’t shine brighter than their little ones, but to the rest of us, hours of watching Johnny sing the ABCs is nothing short of torture. If you want others to enjoy your kid’s movies as much as you do, editing is essential.

Here are 5 great tips to help you make better kid’s videos; you know the ones others will actually want to watch after you buy a movie maker.

Read the 5 tips here

5 tips for nighttime photos and using a video creator to show friends

Nighttime photos can be nothing short of magical if you take them properly, but if you don’t know what you are doing that magical nighttime moment will quickly turn into a blurry, unrecognizable photo. Here are five tips for taking better nighttime photos.

After all, muvee’s great video creator can’t create stunning movies unless you have great photos.

Read the full list here

…and finally…

Rescue Your Videotapes! (Ask an older person if you don’t know what they are.)

We are seriously getting to the end of the road for those old video tapes you have from years gone by. Whilst we can usually just get a DVD copy of the commercially produced one its not the same when it comes to home made stuff! So it really is time to get onto it!

Tim Schmoyer


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